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For the last twenty five years I’ve dedicated my life to natural health and meditation practices. As an accredited professional practitioner, trainer and course author, I have the pleasure of working with individuals, practitioners and students all over the world, sharing a unique multi-modality approach.

Self-awareness and personal growth have a positive effect on those around us.  We ‘pay it forward’ by lifting our consciousness and creating a ripple effect that ultimately benefits humanity as a whole. When we come to know our true selves and live accordingly, we genuinely begin to care for others, in a more sustainable and productive way and recognize that our individual actions affect the greater whole, the welfare of our global community and the planet.

To date I have served in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States. My work has been recognized by industry leaders for its unique and innovative synthesis of kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation, bio-energetics and brain training. This profoundly effective approach flows throughout our services and products.

“I look forward to being of service, and I hope you’ll join me on a journey toward greater wellbeing, personal empowerment and further education…”

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