Sensergetics is unique in its adaptation of methodologies, combining holistic healing techniques based in Chinese medicine, kinesiology, chiropractics and neuro-therapeutic techniques to facilitate balance and assess nutrition and other substances that may affect the energy anatomy.

In Sensergetics an imbalance is referred to as a disturbance within your subtle energy anatomy when it is exposed to a particular substance.  A disruption of the natural balance within these previously synchronised processes may cause a change in the electromagnetic field in various parts of the body.  This is why the treatment protocols are aimed at the energetic and neurological discrepancy which may either contribute to or allow the condition to exist, and not at the condition itself.

Growing numbers are embracing a relatively new modality called Sensergetics, developed by complementary medicine practitioner Lyn Treloar.

Australians now spend over one billion annually on natural therapies.  Of these natural therapies, Kinesiology, now practised in over 104 countries, has experienced one of the most rapid growths and has recently been classified by the Australian National Training Association as a complementary medicine. As a result some of Australia’s major health funds are now including Kinesiology in their rebate schemes and Sensergetics falls under this category.

Origins of Sensergetics™

In the 1970s American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology.  Goodheart incorporated reflex points from both osteopathy and chiropractics and embraced techniques derived from Chinese medicine using acupressure and the five element theory of the meridian system – the framework of many kinesiology modalities today.  In terms of its dual East-West roots, Kinesiology actually goes back thousands of years.

Today Sensergetics extends the traditions of Kinesiology in its own distinctive fashion with its focus on the bio-energetic testing and therapeutic methods to alleviate imbalances in regards to nutrition and other substances.

How does Sensergetics™ work?

Sensergetics applies the art and science of muscle response testing as a bio-feedback mechanism into the human ‘bio-computer’ – the mind/body system.  Using the kinesiology principle of muscle response testing the Sensergetics practitioner “taps” into the patient’s body via the muscles and nervous system to measure different physical responses to seek out bio-feedback to determine what substances the client may be bio-energetically reacting to.  The muscle response testing technique is also applied to determine the preferable technique for treatment specific to each client.

Muscle response testing is a simple procedure and begins with the clients arm bent at the elbow at approximately a 90 degree angle, while the practitioner applies gentle pressure to his or her arm. The practitioner looks for subtle changes displayed by the client’s muscle responses.  These changes constantly give the practitioner feedback, either confirming or denying the ‘tests’ on the client.  These changes constantly give the practitioner feedback.  Each ‘test’ – which is non-invasive – gives the practitioner more information in terms of evaluating the information gained and direction with which to continue.

In short, Sensergetics promotes physical and psycho-emotional health by identifying the bio-energetic elements, which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies, and accesses the life enhancing potential within each individual in reference to nutrition, specific substances and other stressors. This subsequently re-establishes the body’s innate healing capacity, which is always seeking wholeness and homeostasis as its natural condition.

What is Sensergetics?

During a Sensergetics consultation the client remains fully clothed. Once the practitioner obtains a comprehensive client history the muscle response testing procedure begins.

A Sensergetics assessment may include the testing of specific neurological functions, de-hydration, emotional blocks, past stressors, specific substances relating to bio-energetic imbalances and patterns.  These procedures take place by touching specific acupuncture and reflex points and vials containing the duplicate of specific substances such as foods, animal dander, pollens, dust etc.

Each Sensergetics treatment is unique as it is determined by the responses gained from the client via muscle response testing, and takes into account the clients’ health history, current state of health, time lines and lifestyle, honouring the individual’s own healing potential.

Sensergetics corrective methods used borrow from a wide variety of healing disciplines that include various energy-based methods such as: acupressure points, reflex points, neurological repatterning, emotional stress release techniques, nutritional and dietary feedback and lifestyle advice.

Our subtle energy anatomy

The subtle energy matrix referred to as the meridian system, mapped out by Chinese medicine practitioners more than 2,000 years ago is one of the primary areas addressed within the Sensergetics treatment protocol to clear away the blocks and restrictions to the flow of energy through the body’s meridian system.

The meridians are the conduits of the subtle energy referred to as chi, which flows to the muscles, organs, glands and major systems of the human body. Every part and process of the body relies on this energy matrix at all times.  If all is well, energy flows freely from one meridian to another, distributing chi evenly throughout the meridian system. If all is not well, energy does not flow freely and can result in physical, mental and emotional dysfunction which may eventually lead to disease.

The neurological influences on blood circulation via the vascular system are affected by Bennett’s reflex points which appear to develop early in the embryo.  In the early 1930’s, chiropractor Dr Terrence Bennett developed a technique which relates certain points that are located primarily on the head and a few on the body with blood flow to specific organs, muscles and glands.  These points are referred to as neurovascular reflex points and via stimulation they influence particular bodily functions affecting the circulation of the vascular system.

In the 1930’s, osteopath Frank Chapman discovered reflex points found both on the front and the back of the body. Today these points are referred to as neurolymphatic reflex points and via stimulation may improve the lymphatic drainage relating to the body’s organs and tissues.

In the 1960’s, Dr George Goodheart, in the process of developing Applied Kinesiology, rediscovered  neurolymphatic reflex points and neurovascular reflex points and by combining Chapman’s and Bennett’s work and his own research, Goodheart connected organs to muscles to the reflex points and are utilised throughout many kinesiology modalities and today in Sensergetics™ .

Sensergetics™ and neurological repatterning

Stress may affect healthy neurological function and interaction between both hemispheres of the brain and the body via the nervous system and can be the result of stress for whatever reason, some examples are; in this instance the symptoms of imbalances to nutrition and other substances and further more; birth trauma, illness, an impact to the head, poor diet, dehydration, emotional, mental, physical stress. The result is that the brain and nervous system loses effective control over the concerned organ or body part resulting in decreased function.

A correctly functioning nervous system is a major requirement for health.  The nervous system is composed of the central nervous system, which runs the voluntary functions, such as walking and the autonomic nervous system which runs the involuntary functions such as heart beat and digestion.  Each of these systems is further divided into sensory and motor fibres.

The brain is the primary control for both branches of the nervous system. The sensory fibres carry messages to the brain where they are processed like a computer, and the brain in turn, tells the body what to do.

The brain has two hemispheres connected in the middle by a strip of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum, enabling the two sides to communicate.  The brain is the master coordinator for all the messages going in and out of the brain to the spinal cord. Information collected by the five senses comes into the brain via the spinal cord and is directed to other parts of the nervous system for further processing. The brain encompasses aspects such as our memory, emotion, speech, the ability to feel, movement and coordination it carries messages from the sensory organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, it controls the heart rate, breathing, swallowing, digestion, thirst, appetite, sleep patterns, blood pressure, it produces hormones and our response to stress and other automatic bodily processes.

The nervous system controls all of our activities, including the function of all internal organs.  The basic function of the nervous system depends on minuscule cells called neurons and the brain has billions of them. Motor neurons carry messages away from the brain and back to the rest of the body.

The spine contains the spinal cord which is made up of nerves connecting the brain to the organs and muscles of the body. The spine and the central nervous system that it protects have many reflexes within and surrounding them.  The nervous system controls the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.  Nerve plexuses and ganglion serve as ‘junction points’ to collect and distribute nerve impulses from the central nervous system to the body systems that also correspond to the location and function of the acupressure points along the spine.

Neurological repatterning and stimulation of reflex and acupressure points along the spine are utilised in the Sensergetics treatment protocol. These techniques stimulate neural pathways along the spine and between the left and right brain hemispheres that may enhance neurological and bio-energetic function and physiological relationships.

Interference at the junction points of the nerve plexuses and ganglion may cause headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, skin conditions, indigestion, blood sugar problems, irritable bowel, inflammation, muscular skeletal tension and pain to name just a few.

Heal the past for a healthy future

Subconscious blocks may arise as a result of a specific or combination of unresolved negative emotions and stressful events or health issues from the past.

By assessing these emotions and past events via the Sensergetics protocols of assessment, is like shining a torch into the subconscious mind.  Like many other natural therapies, a key dictum of Sensergetics is that if we are to resolve health issues successfully, we must also clear past stress that is held within the body and mind.

Clearing our past ‘traumas’ whether they are physical or psycho-emotional will have a direct effect in the present moment. We can all remember a time in the past where we may have felt really challenged. Sensergetics allows you to go back to that point and clear the trauma from your cellular memory and the impact on the neurology and bio-energetic systems at that time.

Results are often profound, immediate and life changing, for instance you may have started to experience ‘symptoms’ around the time of a death in the family. Combining this assessment with the Sensergetics treatment can have a major effect on bringing balance back to the system.

If you are interested in studying Sensergetics and becoming an internationally certified teacher please feel free to contact Lyn Treloar for further information.

By Lyn Treloar