Alleviating food and environmental Intolerances

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Sensergetics is unique in its adaptation of methodologies, combining holistic healing techniques based in Chinese medicine, kinesiology, chiropractics and neuro-therapeutic techniques to facilitate balance and assess nutrition and other substances that may affect the energy anatomy. In Sensergetics an imbalance is referred to as a disturbance within your subtle energy anatomy when it is exposed [...]

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The Trifecta – Energy, Mindset and the Brain!

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Most of us hold beliefs (conscious and subconscious) about our wellbeing that have been passed down from one generation to the next. For instance; it is a general belief that if you are experiencing pain and take a painkiller and the pain is relieved, you have returned to good health. Or, if you are or [...]

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Growing Your Grey Matter

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Our Brain is Plastic – and Adaptable Recent developments in neuroscience have shown that we can continue to learn new skills and improve our memories and cognitive abilities well into old age. From the 16th century until recent times, it was widely held that the brain was an immutable machine made up of parts that [...]

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