Most of us hold beliefs (conscious and subconscious) about our wellbeing that have been passed down from one generation to the next. For instance; it is a general belief that if you are experiencing pain and take a painkiller and the pain is relieved, you have returned to good health. Or, if you are or have suffered from an emotional ordeal, such as a loss of a loved one through either death or divorce.  Or, everyday challenges such as relationships, finances, career and so on and ‘shelved’ the issue. Usually the symptoms whether emotional or physical in nature involve deeper causative factors and affect how your body and your behaviours are adapting to these stressors and that change and greater self-awareness is needed along with effective healing strategies.

Is your mindset affecting the choices you make and ultimately your health?

If you’re like most people, your mind is in a constant state of conflict between an endless stream of negative habitual feelings, thoughts, limiting beliefs and attitudes about yourself, your life or your goals. You manage to abate some of them.  However, you feel like you’re fighting against an army where the sole objective is sabotaging your life!  Maybe you’ve tried to change, yet you’re still struggling with similar issues despite all your best efforts to overcome them.

Are there secrets hidden within your energy anatomy, your mindset and brain?

Learning how your brain, mind and energy can function at optimal levels offers you an opportunity to step away from what is no longer working for you, allowing you to tap into the inherent capacity within you to overcome self sabotage and produce outstanding benefits and attain your desired results.

Can activating and balancing these intrinsic powerful forces transform your life?

Our subconscious mind can restrict us to a lifetime of limiting beliefs.  In order to change our minds we need to modify counter-productive thoughts and the corresponding energetic patterns of imbalance to produce behavioural changes.

Can we elevate our mind-set to new levels that can free us from our limiting beliefs, behaviours and attitudes?

Neuroscientists have discovered that we function with much less conscious cognitive activity with the bulk of our decisions, behaviours and our actions directed primarily by our subconscious mind – This suggests that most of us are not consciously living our lives!

If the subconscious mind is the prime driver of our past, present and future beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, how often are these thoughts and behaviours self limiting and self destructive? Moreover, how often do they dictate the limits of our performance both professionally and personally?

Bruce H Lipton PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging the gap between science and spirit and renowned author of The Biology of Belief.  In an interview with Wayne Dwyer on Hay House Presents, Dr. Lipton said “We have been programmed to believe we are victims to our heredity”. He goes on to discuss in his latest work “You’re not limited by your genes you’re limited by your perceptions and your belief about the world you live in, because that’s the information that is going in and changing your genes.”

It is said that our energy anatomy is intimately linked to our physiological and psycho-emotional wellbeing. This ideology illustrates the true value gained by addressing imbalances within our energy anatomy, its versatility, and the profound opportunities it offers for a greater understanding in the context of human evolution.

Dr. Oz (Mehmett Cengiz Oz) Professor of cardiac medicine at Columbia University, in an interview by CNN said, “I think that energy and the use of energy healing will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade.”

Dr. Valerie Hunt Scientist, author and professor of Physiological Science is best known for her pioneering research in the field of human bio-energy.   Dr. Hunt’s visionary approach has won her international acclaim for her groundbreaking research that led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between the human energy field, disease and emotional pathologies.

Is a leap of consciousness the key to transformation?

A leap of consciousness seems to be the key to healing and transformation.  The word ‘quantum’ indicates a leap from one level of functioning to a higher level – a quantum leap.  Deepak Chopra’s says “The human body is controlled by a network of intelligence grounded in quantum reality, not a superficial psychological state; this intelligence lies deep enough to change the basic patterns that design our physiology.”

What components are included in our subtle energy anatomy?

Energy manifests itself in an infinite number of ways; it is the substance of all life, from minerals, flora and fauna through to the invisible forces of the laws of gravity. Even today, scientists cannot fully explain the characteristics of energy.
It is this subtle energy that forms the foundation of human health. If it is nurtured and supported we will remain healthy and vital. However, many of us ignore the basic requirements with consequences that lead to the manifestation of imbalances within our subtle energy system, which over time can manifest as poor physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Just as the human physical anatomy contains organs, systems and has specific functions, there is also the subtle energy anatomy, which maintains all the interrelated components, systems and functions. Two if these energy systems include the chakras and meridians.

We can assist the function of our subtle energy anatomy with the use of modern and ancient healing methodologies such as colour, light, sound, vibrational medicine and energetic healing methods will in turn have a profound effect on our overall health and wellbeing.

The great mystic and pioneer of energy medicine, Alice Bailey, considered that human sickness was the ‘absence of light’.  From the bio-energetic perspective ‘energetic’ means everything to do with the soul and the source that is energy, chi, prana or life force.

The Meridians

The meridian system was mapped out by Chinese medicine practitioners more than 2,000 years ago and is one of the components of our subtle energy anatomy.

The meridians are like conduits and comparable to the electrical wiring of a house or the body’s circulatory system. The chi flows in specific directions, just like the blood in our veins and arteries and similarly flows to the muscles, organs, glands and major systems of the body.

If all is well, energy flows freely from one meridian to another, distributing chi evenly throughout the meridian system. If all is not well, energy does not flow freely and can result in physical, mental and emotional dysfunction which may eventually lead to disease.

Chinese medicine practitioner’s centuries past named each acupuncture point along the meridians to best described its ultimate psychological state, for example;

The 14th acupuncture point along the Gallbladder meridian translates to ‘clear mind’ and when held lightly assists with emotional balance by relieving anger, irritability and worry.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word most commonly translated as ‘wheel’. This subtle energy system has been acknowledged for thousands of years throughout India and the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The Chakras are cone shaped vortexes of energy that spin and vibrate to different colours, sound and light frequencies and are in consistently fluctuating.

It is said that the chakras hold the key to our spiritual awakening, with each of the seven major chakras governing a different stage of development.

By determining the primary chakras that are blocked and both the positive and negative impact of the psychological profiles can assist you to clear the blocks that are holding you back and move you powerfully towards greater self awareness, accessing your inner resources towards your desired outcomes.

There are seven major chakras with each one having a specific ‘psychological profile’. The Sanskrit translation of the heart chakra ‘Anahata’ means un-struck, further more the symbol of the heart chakra; the six pointed star also has its own specific meaning. The downward pointing triangle relates to involution and the movement of Spirit into matter.  The upward facing triangle is the evolutionary shift of matter back towards Spirit.  Together they represent the marriage of opposites, the merging of heaven and earth, male and female, yin and yang, as above so below.

When the heart chakra is in balance; an individual will express the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.  When out of balance; a lack of purpose may be experienced, along with frustration, resentment and anger or they may behave with insensitivity, be emotionally closed, or feel sad and lonely.

Can you train the brain for higher learning?

Neurological disorganisation (poor brain integration) can be the result of birth trauma, illness, an impact to the head, poor diet, dehydration and emotional, mental or physical stress, all of which can alter our performance and behaviour.

Brain training methods that stimulate bilateral hemispheric function including touch, sound and eye accessing patterns have the capacity to stimulate whole brain learning and enhance neuroplasticity (the development of new neural pathways). and ultimately our learning and performance abilities.

Can understanding the ancient archetypes of the enneagram affect your personal success?

The Enneagram can be used to assess our archetypal patterns (9 personality types) and support greater self-awareness and self-responsibility so that we may become more conscious self-observers; a necessary step to change habitual reactions.

Everyone has elements of all nine types, although we will generally identify with a dominant archetype.  Each of us moves toward or away from the positive aspects of our type according to the habits and defenses that have developed throughout our lives from the choices that we have made, demonstrating our development and our limitations, depending on the direction in which we move.

Heal the past and prepare for the future

Clearing our past ‘traumas’ whether they are physical or psycho-emotional will have a direct effect in the present moment.   By discovering the point or points in time and clearing the bio-energetic impact on the energy anatomy without going into the ‘story’ and causing any unnecessary stress can have immediate positive outcomes and lasting results.

Preparing for the future can also have a direct effect on the present moment. Most people can relate to performance anxiety of some kind, for example, performing or presenting in front of an audience, going for a job interview, a first date, or sitting for an exam.

Our subconscious mind does not differentiate from past or future stress, likewise, either does our body, and our energy anatomy and will respond accordingly – either negatively or positively to our thoughts.

The unique Kinesiology connection

The peak body for Kinesiology in Australia, the Australian Kinesiology Association include some of the most highly respected kinesiology researchers and course authors in the world.  Psychenergetix extends the traditions of Kinesiology in its own distinctive fashion, and has received the prestigious recognition from the Australian Kinesiology Association.

If you could tap into the secrets hidden within, and they revealed the keys to your reaching your full potential wouldn’t you want to know?

The Kinesiology method of Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is a biofeedback mechanism applied via the muscles and nervous system.

MRT is applied as an ‘entry pathway’ to reveal often hidden information about the contributing factors involved regarding your ‘current issues’ by identifying the specific elements, internal or external, that either inhibit or harmonise your body’s natural internal energies, such as: a memory, thought, emotion, activity, a situation, sabotage pattern, past or present.

Who should see a Psychenergetix practitioner?

You don’t need to have a problem to benefit from Psychenergetix.  A series of sessions can ‘improve’ any area of your life. For example; your self-confidence,  career, or relationship. On the-other it can be applied to ‘overcome’ a challenge you have been struggling with, for example, work place bullying, public speaking,  stress, fatigue, self sabotage, anxiety, or any unresolved issues that are still affecting your life and the choices you make.  In today’s world with all it’s complexities everyone will benefit from this proactive and natural approach to wellness and personal development.

“Often it can seem too simple to have such an effective resolution.  But as the Chinese sages taught so long ago: A miracle is simply that which is divinely natural”.

By Lyn Treloar