Q: If I live interstate are their study or online coaching options available to me?

A:  Yes, Lyn is available to travel her workshops around Australia or teach to private groups. Please contact Lyn directly to discuss. There are also options to study one of our online courses for either personal interest or to begin your studies in the allied health. There are also coaching fields and our Skype Kinesiology Coaching sessions to anyone across the globe.

Q: Why Kinesiology and Transformational Life Coaching?

A: Kinesiology is a hands on natural therapy. Kinesiology is a catalyst for positive change through healing and self empowerment. It bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and clears the blocks that inhibit your full potential and guides you through a healing process to turn that potential into a reality. You will begin to experience previously unseen possibilities. It will free you from limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours and realign them to expand your horizons and assist you to excel in all aspects of your life.

The Transformational Life Coaching component brings a balance of healing methodologies and solution focused therapeutic strategies that involves the client in a greater way in their journey toward reaching their goals.

The fusion of Kinesiology and Life Coaching provides personalised assessments to determine what is blocking you from fulfilling your true potential.  If this year is shaping up to be the same as last year and you are unsatisfied with the direction of your life, your health and wellbeing and you want to live a powerful life and take charge then Kinesiology Coaching is for you.

Q: Who consults with a Kinesiology Coach?

A: Individuals not satisfied with their life professionally or personally, anyone who has a health issue or behaviour they want to change, skills they want to improve, those that want to build their self esteem and personal effectiveness, just about anyone who is willing and ready to take responsibility for creating a happier and more fulfilling life.

Q: Do you treat disease using Kinesiology? If not can I benefit from a consultation?

A: Kinesiology assesses subtle energy frequencies that are out of balance that relate to the various energy systems our anatomy and physiology and our emotional and mental wellbeing. The sessions bring your subtle-energy forces into balance so that your innate self-organising principle brings your body, mind, emotions, and your spiritual self back into a state of well-being, which is why everyone can benefit from the various forms or energy-based work I offer.

Q: What are the Benefits of a Kinesiology Coaching Session with Lyn?

A: Because of the versatility of the assessment procedures and techniques, Lyns’ unique application and facilitation of kinesiology lends itself to any area of human potential. Addressing only one component of our health in many cases is not enough to obtain a genuine healing outcome. Buried psycho-emotional problems and structural imbalances or biochemical and nutritional deficits show the importance of Lyns’ holistic approach to the Kinesiology methodology. What ever the original cause or contributing factors, the combination of Kinesiology methods utilised by Lyn enables her to influence directly, in some way, all aspects in order to achieve holistic wellbeing.

The innovative combination of assessment procedures and techniques result in Lyns’ expertise being remarkably diverse and multifaceted in its application and outcomes. This allows her to uncover the hidden sources of imbalance and realign the mind and body into a positive and balanced state of being. The benefits are broad and far-reaching and can assist a life time of problems. The Benefits are as Follows:

  • Self awareness and personal empowerment
  • Transformation of behaviours and attitudes
  • Enhanced relationships and self image
  • Discovery of vocational talents and career satisfaction
  • Enhanced learning, creative, academic and sporting performance
  • Improved sleep patterns and deep relaxation
  • Mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Improved immune function
  • Relief of muscle tension and pain
  • Relief from fatigue
  • Enhanced digestive function
  • Freedom from addictions and habits
  • Increased stamina and vitality
  • Alleviation of food sensitivities
  • Alleviation of environmental sensitivities
  • Relief of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Management of weight issues
  • Natural vision improvement
  • Relief from fears, phobias and trauma

Further benefits of a Kinesiology session with Lyn is her own wellbeing reinforcement programme designed specifically for the individual. Her programme includes safe, simple, quick methods and self help techniques, lifestyle and nutritional advice to optimise health and well-being on all levels to further assists you to reach your desired goals.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: The best results are gained from several consultations allowing time to work on all facets of a particular goal or the major areas of stress and imbalance. It takes time to resolve problems especially chronic long term issues, therefore for best results treatments generally need to be undertaken weekly and can be extended as symptoms subside.

Q: After a series of sessions, do I still need more Kinesiology Coaching?

A: Sometimes people do need to come back for follow up treatment but this is usually monthly to ensure the benefits of their treatments and their goals are maintained. Most clients are happy to return monthly for maintenance treatment.

Q: Will I need to make any changes in my life?

A: Most of the time we do need to make changes to reach our goals, whether this be lifestyle, behavioural, nutritional or otherwise.

Q: Do I need to take my clothes off?

A: No, the treatment takes place on a massage table fully clothed. It is best to wear loose comfortable clothes.

Q: Does Sensergetics cure and permanently eliminate allergies?

A: No, Sensergetics does not diagnose allergies or allergens, treat allergies, disease or anaphylaxis or identify allergic reactions, nor does it claim to cure or permanently eliminate allergies.

Sensergetics theorizes via case studies and client testimonials that alleviation of symptoms are gained via methods, protocols and advice utilised that includes muscle response testing assessments for ‘imbalances’ to basic nutrition and specific substances and energetic and neuro-mechanisms of emotions addressed via meridian therapy, reflex points and neurological and energy psychology principles to help release recurrent patterns in the body.

Q: What is muscle response testing?

A: References to the development of muscle testing utilised in clinical situations started with Dr. Robert Lovett, MD, of Harvard Medical School in the early Twentieth century.

In the 1960’s Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart found muscles can weaken from negative stress to the body such as toxicity, postural displacement, nerve entrapment, nutritional deficiency and by exposure to various substances.

Numerous Medical doctors have written books on the results of the application of muscle testing methods such as Dr. David Hawkins “Power vs. Force” (Colyer, A., “Muscle Testing, Kinesiolgy and Socratic Health Method”, Unified Health, 2009, Vol. 5, 28-29) and Dr. John Diamond who wrote “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”.

Various practitioners from Doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, kinesiologists and  psychologists are often integrating muscle testing in their work.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: There is no definitive answer to the number of appointments needed due to the huge variations of each individual case, such as; the number of substances involved, severity of symptoms, time line involved, health status, lifestyle, continuity of treatment, compliance and so on.  Therefore, it is not always possible to alleviate the imbalances in one or two treatments.  Sessions may vary from one to over a dozen.

Q: Do I have to cut out foods from my diet?

A:It is suggested at the time of treatment how long you may need to eliminate a food for, most commonly about 48 hours although this may vary from client to client depending on the severity of symptoms and health status.

Q: Do I need to pay attention to what I am eating and my environment?

A: Clients are encouraged to maintain a daily log of all the foods and liquids they are consuming, any symptoms they are experiencing, all places and people visited and all activities and events are to be noted.

Q: Can I reintroduce a medically diagnosed allergen back into my diet?

A: Sensergetics is a complementary medicine and when appropriate will always work in cooperation with your GP or specialist.  However we do not treat allergies (only medical doctors are qualified to do this) we are we are not medically qualified to determine whether you can reintroduce the allergen you were tested for.

Q: What is the difference between a food intolerance and an allergy?

A: In allopathic medicine an allergy is referred to as a homeostatic imbalance disorder. Simply put; when the immune system inappropriately identifies or reacts to a normally harmless substance such as a certain food, dust or pollen as damaging, the body releases certain chemicals to “protect” it self by producing antibodies that “attack” the allergen. This is considered an allergic reaction.

A food intolerance is much more commonly experienced than food allergies and symptoms of intolerances may be similar to that of an allergy.  A food intolerance occurs when you eat more of a food than the body can tolerate, therefore you may not know you have an intolerance to a certain food unless you eat ‘to much’ of it.

Sensergetics does not ‘treat’ allergies or ‘test’ for allergens it addresses the principles of eastern medicine principles and energetic imbalances and responses to substances.

Q: Are reactions possible after treatment?

Although rare, a few clients experience very subtle reactions after treatment, while others may experience one or more from the list below. The intensity of the reactions during the first 24 hours depends on many factors, such as the duration and/or intensity of the symptoms and current health status:  Fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, body aches, tingling sensations, nervousness.

If you experience one of more of these symptoms follow up Sensergetics sessions are usually adequate relief. If you have suffered from anaphylaxis or experience several severe symptoms at the same time please contact your doctor immediately.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t receive treatment?
Contradictions and considerations (When clients either need to avoid treatment or when treatments need to be altered)

  • Pregnant women (particularly in the first trimester)
  • Skin infections
  • Swelling of limbs
  • Recent surgery
  • Spinal deformity
  • Acute spinal segmental degeneration
  • Severe arthritis
  • Certain individuals who suffer form anaphylaxis

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