Become a Certified Kinesiology Trainer

Once you have completed one or all of my accredited practitioner development courses you may be eligible to become a certified trainer in; the Psychenergetix Healing Course, the Psychenergetix Coaching Course or the Sensergetics Kinesiology Course.

This is your opportunity to teach three unique and deeply profound Kinesiology courses. In turn your students can then help others in their own community, paying it forward so to speak. Gotta love that!

Would you like the opportunity to assist people to learn new energetic healing skills so they can then help others find greater wellbeing, peace and fulfilment in their lives?

We are now expanding by building a global network of trainers around the world. Whether you are looking to become a teacher of one or all of our exceptional courses, the teaching certification provides you with a powerful platform to launch your new found skills.

Would you like a career where you help hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives?  Are you looking for an opportunity which allows you to either integrate my courses simply into your current business or perhaps you are keen to specialise in another field of expertise and extend your skill set?

This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who want to become affiliate trainers and teach world class professionally accredited courses anywhere throughout Australia and across the globe. 

We want to reach individuals from around the world who want to dedicate themselves to learning, sharing, mastering and teaching our courses.  If  you are qualified in the health industry and dedicated in maintaining the highest standards and principles, please feel free to contact me.

As a certified trainer, you will be able to set up, market, and teach classes in a manner and frequency that works with your schedule (subject to a few basic guidelines). We will provide ongoing updates to training materials and tips in marketing your business, receive  e-news, be listed as one of our international licensed trainers on our website and become part of our worldwide network of educators.

Natural Health in Australia a Booming Future – Australians now spend over one billion annually on natural therapies. Of these natural therapies, Kinesiology, now practiced in over 104 countries, has experienced one of the most rapid growths and has recently been classified by the Australian National Training Association as a complementary medicine.

Special Note: Lyn is available to travel her workshops around Australia or teach to private groups. Please contact Lyn directly to discuss.