Empowering Transformation Course

Empowering Transformation Course


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A unique opportunity to educate, awaken and unleash your potential by learning the secrets of transformation with the empowering transformation personal success program.
The Empowering Transformation Home Study Program reveals that the answers lie in your subconscious mind, your brain and your bio-energetic systems! Learning how your brain, subconscious mind and energetic ecosystem can function at optimal levels offers you an opportunity to step away from what is no longer working for you, and tap into the inherent capacity within you to produce outstanding benefits and attain your desired results. What are the secrets hidden within your energy anatomy, your mind and brain? Can activating and balancing these intrinsic powerful forces transform your life?

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The Empowering Transformation Personal Success Program offers you a unique opportunity to educate, awaken and unleash your potential by learning the ‘secrets’ of holistic transformation.

The program reveals that the answers lie in your subconscious mind, your brain and your bio-energetic systems.

Learning how your brain, subconscious mind and energetic ecosystem can function at optimal levels offers you an opportunity to step away from what is no longer working for you, AND tap into the inherent capacity within you to produce outstanding benefits and attain your desired results.

What are the secrets hidden within your energy anatomy, your mind and brain? Can activating and balancing these intrinsic powerful forces transform your life? Yes! And I want to share with you what scientists, doctors, experts and even Nobel prize winners have to say about the field of energy medicine, the subconscious mind and the brain.

Dr. Oz (Mehmett Cengiz Oz) Professor of cardiac medicine at Columbia University, in an interviewed with CNN said, “I think that energy and the use of energy healing will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade.”

It is said that our energy anatomy is intimately linked to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, and holds the key to our spiritual awakening, as well as to our psychological, emotional wellbeing and physical health.

This ideology illustrates the true value gained by addressing imbalances within our energy anatomy, its versatility, and the profound opportunities it offers for a greater understanding in the context of human potential and evolution.

Dr. Valerie Hunt Scientist, author and professor of physiological science is best known for her pioneering research in the field of human bio-energy. Dr. Hunt’s visionary approach has won her international acclaim for her groundbreaking research that led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between the human energy field, disease and emotional pathologies.

More evidence can be found in the book Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind Mind-Body Medicine by Dr. Candace Pert. Dr. Pert appeared in the feature film ‘What the Bleep Do we Know!??’ and found evidence to support the theory that the mind, body and spirit are inseparable.

Our subconscious mind can restrict us to a lifetime of limiting beliefs. In order to change our minds we need to modify counter-productive thoughts, re-train our brains and the corresponding energetic patterns of imbalance to produce behavioural changes.

Can we elevate our mind-set to new levels that can free us from our limiting beliefs, behaviours and attitudes? Neuroscientists have discovered – that we are only conscious of 5% of our cognitive activity! Therefore, the bulk of our decisions, behaviour and our actions rely upon a massive 95% of our subconscious mind. This suggests that most of us are not consciously living our lives!

If the subconscious mind primarily drives our beliefs and future thoughts and behaviours, how often are these thoughts and behaviours self limiting and self destructive? And how often do they dictate the limits of our performance both professionally and personally?

Bruce H Lipton PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging the gap between science and spirit. In his interview with Wayne Dwyer on Hay House Presents, Dr. Lipton said “We have been programmed to believe we are victims to our heredity”. He goes on to discuss in his latest work “You’re not limited by your genes you’re limited by your perceptions and your belief about the world you live in, because that’s the information that is going in and changing your genes.”

One of the key conditions required to alter limiting behaviours is what is referred to as the whole brain state. This is essential in actualizing the full latent potentiality of the brain to allow optimum personal and professional performance. It has been proven that the whole brain state significantly enhances creative and academic performance, improves recall, fosters problem-solving skills, builds cognitive abilities of reasoning, perception and intuition and heightens conscious awareness.

In essence, the whole brain state is one of super learning.
Leading edge neuroscientists and quantum physicists have verified that solutions include the subconscious mind, the whole brain state, and our energy anatomy. Research confirms that this combination allows for heightened levels of proficiency and is a gateway to significantly enhancing human potential. Is this all actually achievable? The answer is a resounding YES!

Here’s the solution; by working within a framework to discover, clarify, illuminate, transform and maintain the momentum toward manifesting your goals that works by harmonising the bio-energetic systems, the subconscious mind with the whole brain state; we can achieve massive results.

Many self help courses fall short because they only communicate with the conscious mind and don’t consider the role of our brain, energetic patterns and the subconscious mind. These types of courses instruct us in what to do to be more effective, but they seldom provide us with the necessary multi-disciplinary tools that change counter-productive patterns – both neurological and energetic- that allow us to effectively and successfully accomplish our goals.

It’s likely that what you have learned up to this point has lacked the finely honed versatile methods and comprehensive techniques that target specific areas of your life and a step-by-step plan for constant improvements – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, that will lead you to higher states of awareness. Now you have the opportunity to break through all your limitations with a multi-disciplinary step-by-step system.

Everything in the entire universe has been created by repeating patterns. All life is based on various kinds of patterns. Your body, thoughts, emotions, behaviours all represent certain patterns. Imagine having the ability and the tools to change these counter-productive patterns.

You have probably heard the aphorisms – ‘like attracts like’ and ‘birds of a feather flock together’ – your ‘patterns’ will indiscriminately attract situations and people that match yours. Knowing that your ‘patterns’ are either affecting you and your life positively or negatively, the question you should be asking your self is… What ‘patterns’ am I attracting?

Am I sabotaging my ability to attract greater health, wealth and joy?

I want you to consider how your life will change when you move from counter-productive attitudes, beliefs and behaviours with low frequency attractors like shame, guilt, procrastination and resentment and lift yourself to a higher potentiality with qualities like love, self worth, courage and enthusiasm.

What this means is when you learn to transform counter-productive patterns, train your brain and lift your energy frequency you will experience a more fulfilling and enriched life.

In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation, hold it together, and keep going, but we often end up carrying it with us consciously or unconsciously, without knowing how to change it. If not dealt with and resolved, these counter-productive patterns are stored in our mind, body, and energy anatomy limiting our ability to live a fulfilling life.

Further scientific research supports the effectiveness of the whole brain state and suggests that lack of brain integration can take many forms such as:
> Stress, anxiety and worry
> Counter productive behaviours
> Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
> Fatigue and lack of vitality
> Inability to focus and concentrate
> Feeling stuck or trapped
> Overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’
> Remaining lost in the minutiae

This capacity for improved function is a medical term known as ‘neuroplasticity’. The program includes techniques to stimulate the neurology and create new neural pathways that speed up the processing of information, enhancing the relationships involving the neurological, physiological and bio-energetic systems. In doing so, learning and performance also becomes improved. Operating from the whole brain state can dramatically lower stress levels in the body. Experiencing life’s challenges in an integrated and balanced state allows for a higher perspective with greater problem solving and strategic capabilities beyond common levels of functionality.

The Empowering Transformation Program will allow you to manage limiting beliefs such as;
> “this is beyond me”
> “life is a struggle”
> “it’s all too much”
> “I just can’t do this”
> “I’m not good enough”
> “It sounds like way too much work”
> “I’m frightened of failing”
> “I don’t deserve it”

and change behaviours such as;
> lack of confidence
> low self esteem and self worth
> procrastination and resistance
> reactivity and frustration
> lack of motivation
> confusion and self doubt

and bring about new productive beliefs, attitudes and behavioural patterns and experience:
> Improved wellbeing
> Massive self confidence
> Clarity and inner direction
> Higher awareness and intuition
> Superior learning and performance skills
> Enhanced the quality of your life in all aspects
> The creation of your intentions and your deepest desires into being
> Productive patterns that replace outmoded behaviours to produce sustainable success
>And so much more…

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Imagine a NEW YOU that loves, accepts and respects YOU, that knows how to overcome any challenge and utilise your unlimited potential! The best part is you achieve all of this with simple tools and processes!

All you have to do is order the Empowering Transformation Program and you’ll be on your way!
Just think about it…You’ll soon be able to start a NEW WAY of BEING with the knowledge and tools you need that will help you reach the life you’ve always dream of.

The Empowering Transformation Program is designed to support your mind-set, your brain and your energetic ecosystem to enhance your overall wellbeing! The collection of tools you will received are personally chosen by Lyn that she’s learned and applied over a 20 year period, giving you an opportunity to train your brain, elevate your energy frequency, transform counter-productive subconscious patterns that will propel your toward your goals, dreams and conscious evolution.

“My personal mission is to facilitate positive change in the lives of others by assisting as many people as possible overcome counter-productive patterns, energy blockages and imbalances and elevate their consciousness and live a fulfilling life — This creates a ‘powerful energetic domino effect’ when more people raise their awareness and transform their lives, the better off we all will be. I’m also confident that once you experience the benefits of my Empowering Transformation Program, you’ll want to share it with friends, family and colleagues and that makes it a win-win situation for the whole world.”

Join us for our most powerful program yet created exclusively for those who want to open to new levels of self-mastery. This new experiential program will take your understanding of your brain, energy, mind-set and personal growth beyond the level of the intellect.

No matter what has happened in your life up until this point, you have the capacity to be happy, feel good, be on purpose and create more of what you want in your life. However, without knowing the source of your predicament… it’s easy to get discouraged and to settle for much less in life than you’re really capable of, and genuinely deserve.

Even if your desire to change is genuine, each time you think of pursuing a new goal, you repeatedly go through subconscious, neurological and bio-energetic involuntary reactions. You may experience this on a conscious level in the form of limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and ‘apparent’ rational justifications for not taking action toward reaching your goals. In reality, these patterns have nothing to do with who you really are. But, you ‘believe’ this is who you are. You CAN have a better now and a brighter future for yourself, your relationships, career, or any aspect of life that is significant to YOU!

Download instructions and terms & conditions.

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