Psychenergetix Coaching Course

Psychenergetix Coaching Course is a complete transformational and wellness system encompassing a fusion of  ancient and modern behavioural enhancement methods and healing modalities designed specifically for Skype life coaching.

The Psychenergetix System draws on the exceptional scientific breakthroughs of Dr Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief, Dr. Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Masaru Emoto – The Hidden Messages in Water.

The online course includes the assessment of the blocks and sabotage patterns that are inhibiting our success in life via our archetypes, psychology of our energy anatomy and our past.  Tools applied include neuro-linguistic programming, energy tapping, hypnotherapy and kinesiology.

The fundamental philosophy of both the Psychenergetix Healing and Coaching Course recognizes that within our mind and body exist the answers to our personal and life challenges.  At the root of every counter-productive habitual behaviour, emotion, thought, attitude and mindset is a corresponding ‘pattern’.  By learning how we can use the body’s biofeedback system, we can discover the hidden truths behind what is holding our clients back from living healthy, happy and fulfilling lives regardless of distance.

Psychenergetix Coaching includes many of the assessment procedures in common with Psychenergetix Healing, addressing both the energetic and behavioural blocks. You will learn methods that influence your clients physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and determine aspects that may lie in the past, preventing self esteem, healthy relationships and personal success in life, and health and wellbeing in the present.

This course offers an advance self help home reinforcement program that includes a fusion of guided meditations, visualisations and hypnotherapy with kinesiology, NLP and energetic healing methods.  This really puts your client in the drivers seat and allows them to choose to participate in their own transformational journal in a direct way. The self help tool kit is aimed at bringing your clients day to day existence to a settled, restful state, reinforcing the foundation for healing, and wellbeing between coaching sessions.

Course prerequisites

The Psychenergetix Coaching course requires participants to be qualified practitioners, therapists or life coaches (or working toward a qualification in the allied health industry).

Don’t take insults personally, sidestep negative, energy, and look for the good in others. You can utilize that good – as different as it may be – to improve your point of view and enlarge your perspective